In late winter, after only five years of use, Classic Conservatories structure collapsed catastrophically under unremarkable snow load nearly falling upon my daughter and me.n nNeither Snow nor trees fell from any other structure on the roof.n nNo other structures on my property or my neighbors properties collapsed under the snow load. This includes an 18th century pitched roof, a tin corrugated roof on a 19th century barn, a pitched roof on a 20 year old two car garage and a flat roof at the front of the 18th century house that is over 25 years old.n nClassic Conservatories did not follow its architects blue prints. A critical wall mooring was omitted in construction. n nClassic Conservatories architectural plans seem to be a cut and paste job. Incorrect building code is cited in the architects plans.n nThe entire structures integrity seemed to have been placed upon one long screw that seemed to fail causing the cascade of events resulting in the roof collapse and subsequent damage to structure andncontent of the addition. nClassic Conservatories did not honor their ten year warranty. They sent the matter to their insurance company. nClassic Conservatories recently had its Better Business Bureau membership revoked in NJ. They now have an “F”” rating. A variety of violations are cited including failure to comply with an arbitration decision and violation of their agreement with the BBB.”

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