Classic & Performance Mustangs BEWARE: Complete Liars and Scammers! Denver Colorado!!. PLEASE read this carefully:I writing this on behalf of several people who have had the EXACT same experiences as those who have already written about this business/comapny and the scoundrels that now run it. (supposedly the owner Terry / Terrance is on “leave”) I personally think he is either hiding from a lawsuit (or should be), to which I say he can be easily found, as he lives and is known in Franktown, Colorado. He and Classic & Performance Mustangs both have a HORRIBLE reputation from EVERY one who I mentioned their name to. I am still perplexed at how they are still in business? Many of the folks for whom I am writing this WARNING to the general public never filed an actual formal complaint against anyone, but feel compelled to do so in this case to protect the public at large from dealing with this company as you are almost guaranteed to get ripped off. SHORT VERSION: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY LONG VERSION: Multiple good, honest, upstanding local, and not local people share a love for Ford Mustang cars, and have attempted to use Classic & Performance Mustangs on Evans Ave and in their old location on Federal Blvd in Denver. Unfortunately, out of the 7 (SEVEN) different people who have used and/or been privy to the dealings by Mr. Moreland, and his band of scoundrels who now run his shop, not a SINGLE ONE has had a good/fair/honest or pleasnat experience with Mr. Moreland or his shop. :(( In each circumstance the car owner (customer) has attempted in good faith to buy a part, or bring a vehicle in to have something fixed that was in need of repair or replacement. In each case and on MULTIPLE occassions Mr. Moreland and/or C&P M attempted to and was successful on many occassions in RIPPING OFF the customer by deception (lying), bait and switching, defrauding, and not performing the work for which it was attempting to charge from 50% to more than 200% what every other qualified shop in town would charge for the exact same work. (with original parts. Not stolen, used, or cheap parts) In many cases, parts were stripped off CUSTOMERS cars that were needed for other customers cars and/or employees vehicles. In almost ALL cases, the BILL was outrageous and they use your car as a way to strang-arm/extort the money out of you. They will either KEEP YOUR PARTS, or “LOSE YOUR PARTS, that would be required for the car to drive out of there”, or “LOSE YOUR KEYS”, AND/OR BLOCK YOUR CAR IN with another vehicle until you either agree to pay, or threaten to sue AND CALL THE POLICE! This shop has a reputation for being HORRIBLE to anyone and everyone who walks through the door. They use the little old lady and young kids to put of a front of being a legitimate business, but TRUST ME, they are ONLY out for your wallet! (which would almost be OK, if they did good work.. unfortunately, they do NOT.) I could on for days about the depth of the lies, deceipt, and BS that comes from the employees and owners of this shop. I only hope that someone has a family member who is a criminal lawyer, or a policeman, or someone in the city council who could go and SHUT THIS BUSINESS DOWN, as they are a DANGER to the public, they are knowingly and willingly commiting crimes, deceiving and ripping off the public at large through strong arm tactics. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED: I only hope you read this BEFORE you use them. Unfortunately many of the people for whom this was written found out after they already had their claws into their car and their wallet! :(( In closing, I would like to say SHAME ON YOU Mr. Terry Moreland and Jarred. SHAME ON YOU for taking advantage of peoples trust. SHAME ON YOU for LYING, CHEATING, and STEALING from innocent people who obviously share the same love for the same vehicle for which you have attempted to build a business around. You throw out that you have been in business a long time to which I say, that means NOTHING. All through late 1990’s to 2005, people had more money than brains and you talk a good game and have a few flashy cars that you have out front bought with money that you RIPPED OFF from unsuspecting customers. That doesn’t make you a success or a good businessman or person! SHAME on you for teaching those young boys who you have brainwashed the WRONG way to treat your customers, and do business. You are a true loser and should either close down or sell (if you could) your business to someone who truly cares about each customer who has chosen to attempt to do business with your shop! I encourange ANY one and EVERY one to file a complaint with the BBB also, as he uses that as a tool in his lies. He has PAID MONEY to have the complaints removed and started a new BBB profile!

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