I went in 3 weeks ago to 4443 auburn blvd sacramento ca 95841 Classic Tattoo club and piercings, for a beautiful diamond tatto on my chest, I had a picture of what i wanted, the owner John said he could do it. When he was finished the tatto looked nothing like what I had asked for, it was extremly rounded lopsided and dark when I has specifically asked for no shadowing. He told me it will get way lighter when it heals and will look like the picture…. It looks nothing at all like what i asked for, in no way at all. it feels like a bad dream, i cant stop crying over it. I talked to the owner John and he expressed he was sorry and would do a cover up for free. a cover up would mean darker and bigger “ON MY CHEST” i said no way , I would need it removed, John told me he will not pay to remove it and any further contact needs to be made by an attorney. Basically he wants me to live my life with this ugly crazy looking tattoo on my chest, and has no remorse or heart to fix his mistake. | This has been a complete real life nightmare. Im hoping writting this will save somone from going there and having his happen to them. Please keep me in your prayers that everything works out in my persuit to remove his blob off my chest. God bless!


Name: Classic Tattoo Club

Country: United States

State: California

City: Sacramento

Address: 4443 Auburn Blvd

Phone: 916-987-5773