classicshowcase. com made a promise to pay on delivery after i accepted. and deliverd. he took the car and wont pay me the agreed and promised amount oceanside California!!. Tom the owner of classic showcase agreed and promised a predetermined price on a vintage rare jag sent them every vin pic and all they required. I asked them to send someone out to inspect they assured me the detailed portfolio. Was enough I created and insured the shipment for two million they sent me a promise of payment on delivery .then accepted the car and sent The carrier back with less than half of the agreed and promissory amount. I’m out 35 k plus fees and interest he Tom the owner acts like it’s not even a concern..he won’t call me or accept any calls or notification. From me he’s been in bus for thirty years and Iam in shock n awe that his company would. Steal my car…I’m a usmc vet I could start with the atty gen office then sue him put a lien against property..just can believe he’s running a business like this. . any help or ideas on how to proceed would help… Don’t trust a word they say..I’m out a car. And 35k…depressed and disappointed.

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