I went to purchase a cat from the breeder. Breeder advertised $350.00 for the cat and $150.00. My finances fell in line with this amount. With text communicating. I paid the breeder through his paypal account. It was intructed to pay through the friends and family payment. To make the payment instant. Breeder then refunded the money and had ask to redirect the oney to his wifes account, due to she was handling everything. I did so. Then I recieved and email confirming the purchase with additional cost to shipping crates of $1200.00 and a refund of $1140.00 once I recieve the kitten. I contacted the seller back about the addition shipping cost he did not advise up front. His response was “my bad”. At this point, I realised at this point I felt I was being scammed. I repeatly texted the buyer back to ask for a refund. He persisted to continue the sale and for me to pay the extra cost. Withna few more attemps. I have not gotten anymore responses.


Name: Classy Bengal Kittens

Country: United States

State: Maryland

City: Waldorf

Address: 3515 Norwood CT

Phone: 469-751-8327

Website: www.classybengalkitten.com