Clay Cooley Mitsubishi Company is scam Fort worth Texas!!. I went to buy a car with a witness, I was told car had never been wrecked they showed me a print out of a car fax you could not read it they said they would get me another. We asked because hood had two inch gap around it. Then washer fluid did not work and was told they would fix that for us and car still had stuff in back grim previous owner and we was told they would detail the car for us.After I purchased they car and driving I kept wondering about the hood and took to auto body shop and was told it had been in a wreck and that the reason washer fluid did not work is because it had been crushed in the wreck and not fixed. I was upset called dealership they continue say car never in a wreck and would not put me into something else and said only way they can is after a year of timley payment. After 3 months emailing and getting no reply back from corp. I got an email guarantee me an upgrade to bring my car to dealership .I went spent two hours to be told that was clerical error and they would not honnor this. Then come to find out that my car is only worth 5k not 14 k as they making me pay. This is a bad company and not sure how they are allowed to continue to opertate. Now im getting calls because i refused to pay and want out of lease because they rip me off and deceived me threatening calls and being yelled at.

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