clay cooley- arlington rip-off. overprised vehicle at 20,000 when market value is only 13,000. car is not certified. Got me a high interest loan that i am unable to refinance because of the overprised vehicle and lack of certification. I specifically asked sales rep that we were not interested in a vehicle that sold above market value and she said she had checked and was selling it to us at market value. a lie, it was (8,000) above. arlington Texas!!. we wanted to purchase a better vehicle just after i had completed school. I went to a toyota dealership and was asked to come back after i had worked my current job for atleast three months then they could finance me. About week latter i got a letter from clay cooley promising a 3,000 tradein value for my car. i decided to go. On meeting the sales rep i asked that she check the book value of the car and let me know because i was not interested in purchasing any vehicle above market value. She left and after a little while she came back and said that she had checked and the car was at market value. I believed her LIE. Since i did not have sufficient credit i was given an interest rate of 14 %. I spoke to her about the posibility of refinancing the vehicle and she assured me that there was no problem. I was not too concerned with the interest rate, i figured that with good payment history i should be able to refinance in a year. After a few hours negotiation i handed in my old car keys and drove home in the “new” car. i have been making good payments for the past year on this vehicle. when i went to refinance at a credit union, i was told that my credit had significantly improved that i could get an interest rate of as low as 7%. The problem was that my car was overprised! after making payments of 430 a month for a full year i still owed a little over 19,000. The second problem is that it is not certified. that price for an as is car is way off. The market value of the car was only 12,000. Basically i gave up my old car for nothing and still paid over 6,000 above the retail price because of false advertising and lies. I am a middle class family man working hard to provide for his family. I would like to build my credit and pay my debts. Yet what clay cooley did to me has robbed me of the oppotunity to refince at a better interest rate and put distrust in my heart. I would have liked to have been aswered truthfully so i could make an informed decition on whether or not to purchase that vehicle or view my other options such as waiting a little longer to do so at the dealership. Please advice me if there is a thing i can do about my situation. I am dealing with disappointment over what clay cooley did to make a sale and i know this is the only and last time i will do business with them. i would appreciate any and all the help i could get on this. Thank You Mimi

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