Clay Cooley Hyundai Clay Cooley Automotive Clay Cooley Hyundai Sold a wrecked car as a new car, physically assulted me Rockwall Texas!!. Do not buy or shop with any Clay Cooley dealer. They are a gang of low emotional thugs who bully, and threaten violence towards customers We recently purchased what was sold to us as a new car from this dealership… however, we subsequently learned that it had had previous body/paint work done, and this was not disclosed to us. When we first identified that it had been repaired, my wife first went back to see the director of sales, he slipped out the back and had someone else help her. Some guy who claimed he was a manager, came out and talked to her and my son as if they were stupid. I called the GM, and he just began screaming and accused me of lying and talking down to me… At one point he asked what I had ever accomplished in my life. Unreal and very childish. The GM, Danny Easton, later called and asked me to bring t

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