Clear Choice Motors Be Very Careful! Bait and Switch, Extortion, I Faced it All Colton CA!!. RUN AWAY FAST! My experience began wonderfully. I found a beautiful motorhome on their website right in my price range. The sales people were incredibly responsive by email. They were willing to work with me on my trade and seemed very interested in making me a happy customer. Based on the pictures shown on their website, my wife and I drove almost two hours to see this motorhome. We even put a $250 deposit on it before we went up there! Can you say BAIT AND SWITCH? The motorhome in the pictures was not on that lot! Oh, it was the same one, but the pictures they used on their website were from a long time ago. The motorhome we saw was absolutely thrashed. It was tore up and disgusting. It was NOTHING like the pictures. So we looked at another one on their lot. It was worn, but not as bad as the first one. First, the sales guy gives one price and says they are already going to replace the cracked windshields. Then we go into the office and another guy says they will only replace one and I would have to pay for the other. So we went back out to look at it. There was some kind of white powder on the exterior surfaces. The sales guy told me that it will come right off when I take it home and wash it. WOW! After almost immediate responses to my emails when I was interested in buying, I sent two emails asking for them to refund the REFUNDABLE deposit and guess what? No response! The I finally received a response about my deposit from Jorge Contreras. Here it is. Is this the kind of business you want to work with? “Respond to what Ryan? That you don’t want this RV now… Again? this happened last time, come by and we can refund your deposit, if it was with CC just email your last four digits of the card you used. We have had a very busy day here with live customers. So there’s your response.” Then I got this email, again from Jorge Contreras. This is after Shaun wrote 5 emails saying they would refund my deposit. They are holding my refundable deposit hostage unless I remove my Yelp review! “That refund will be done once you remove your reviews, you did NOT buy anything and I have factual proof for my claims!” Shaun eventually refunded my deposit. He said that Jorge was just upset because he cares about his reputation. If someone cares about their reputation they certainly don’t try to extort money from customers.

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