Complaint: Clear Creek Consulting tried to get me to retain their services for a tax debt that did not exsist! Let me give a background of the situation. I purchased a new home in early 2008, and on my 2008 tax return I filed for the first time home buyer’s credit of $7500. My Father is an IRS agent, I am an honest individual who pays his taxes on time. In Mid August, I got notification from the IRS that they were disallowing my first time home buyer’s credit in 2008, and that I owed over $9200 in debit, penalties and interest. I knew that I would need some legal assistance in setting up a payment schedule, so I did an internet search, and found Clear Creek’s online site. I filled out a form with basic information. my name, address, phone number, and the alledged base tax liability of $7500. On the morning of the 28th, I received another letter from the IRS stating that I had recieved the previous letter in error and to please disregard. (Thus there was no tax liability). About 30 minutes after I received this letter, I got a call from Clear Creek. I picked up the phone and spoke to a young lady. I thanked her for her call, and said I no longer needed their services, that I had received notice from the IRS that there was no debt. She asked me what the nature of the origional debt was, and I explained it was a disallowed homebuyer’s credit. She immediately transfered me to another Agent, Adam Sanders. I explained to Mr Sanders that I no longer needed their services, as I had received a notice from the IRS that there was a mistake and that I had no tax liablity. He asked me to Fax over what I had received from the IRS saying that I was clear. So I did. About an hour later, Mr Sanders said “Well I don’t know what’s going on here

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Address: because I show that the IRS has placed a lein on your house for $7500.”” I asked him for clarification

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