Hello, I just wanted to warn people about the Clearwater Palms Motel in Clearwater, Florida. It is also known as the Palms Motel or Clearwater Palms Hotel or Clearwater Palms Lodging. It is a dirty, disgusting place!!! My room had roaches everywhere, there were worms on the floor, and my bed probably had bed bugs. The tile floor was completely filthy and the bathroom was awful. The shower floor was completely black. GROSS!! The rooms stink so bad and reek of cigarette smoke and animals since most people there have pets. You can smell the horrible animal smell there. Most of the people there are felons like I lived next door to a guy who said he had killed 4 people as a kid. Its like WTF???? Ton of drunks there who are so loud and the owner and manager could care less. If you are a normal person who asks your room be fixed since everything was wrong with it (most electrical outlets didn’t work, leaky faucets, roach problem, my door had been jimmied open and wouldnu2019t lock, etc, etc), the fat, ugly, loser owner (who admitted to me he is a convicted felon also-so thatu2019s why he caters to them Iu2019m sure and has his mommy take him to work every morning) and the 350 lb ugly manager will harass you and make up stupid crap about you to force you to leave as this lame place caters to the absolute losers in life. They wonu2019t refund your full money either so itu2019s a complete scam as you have to pay cash there. They don’t want to give you receipts either if you pay cash. The owner becomes enraged and goes ballistic and starts hollering at you if you ask him politely to fix one of the myriad of problems with your absolutely filthy room so I hope he gets some professional help as he absolutely needs it. He is always threatening people there who are nice and ask their room be fixed to kick them out and call the police on them to have them removed. HORRIBLE!!! They have these tiny mini refrigerators also which donu2019t hold much at all. The wifi is very slow and you have to get the fat manager to reset the router all the time. The TVs are these 25 year old 19 inch televisions that have lines all over the screen. They know the losers won’t complain about their DISGUSTING rooms since most people there are the homeless types and are total drunks. If you have kids, do not stay here especially as you sure donu2019t want to expose your kids to these people. The people there will knock on your door all day and night long, looking to borrow cigarettes from you or money, or bum a ride from you since most of those low lifes donu2019t have a vehicle. There are obviously crazy people who live there who will harrass you non-stop and bang on your doors all hours of the day and night. I sure hope this place gets shuts down by the state. The owner’s mommy and daddy own and him also own the Diana Motel and Patio Palms Motel in Clearwater, Florida too. So I sure wouldn’t stay at those place either and you should search the reviews for those places also as they are horrible too.

1735 Gulf to Bay Blvd. Clearwater, Florida USA