Cleburne Motorsports Offered extended warranty, and ripped me off Cleburne TEXAS!!. I purchased my 05 dodge neon srt4 at Cleburne Motorsports in Cleburne Tx.i also had a trade in as well.Well we live in San Antonio Tx and its about 4 1/2 hour drive. When we get there everything was unorganzied the car was not ready as told,they had all there kids in their small office where we had to wait for Julie Clark “owner” to meet us their. finally we were signing the buyers guide i told her i also need the extended warranty like i had mentioned over the phone the day before i drove out their.She then said oh thats right and added it onto my buyers guide a total $1,350 for the warranty, at then she coiuld not get me an accurate warranty because of the car i purchased has turbo on it, she said that monday she would find a warranty around that price and fax me the warranty info. so i was left to belive that i would be getting my warranty faxed.Well monday came and i called and called

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