Advertising and Customer Service Issues also refund issues. They advertise as a First Class Facility RV resort . . . and it is just a run down mobile home/golf park with sites available here and there in between permanent residents. I made a reservation online through the website It was required I pay one night in advance. My reservation was for July 4-7. When I made this reservation, there was no online prompts for refund policies, or anything stating that certain sites had no cable television. The website simply stated cable and wi-fi as amenities and services. I chose an Elite site (w full hook ups for RV)it chose my site not me and made my reservation. We arrived for check in paid the remaining 70 dollar balance and drove to our “camp”” site which was just a concrete slab in between permanent residents. Not a camping atmospehere at all. The bath house was over a half mile away. We set up-twice- because our site (they assigned) was “”too close to a permanent resident for their comfort”” so after setting up we had break camp to move one site over and set up again. We sat for the afternoon trying to make the best of bad surroundings. When it began to storm we went indoors to watch tv. We could not get a signal inspite of hooking to their cable hook up on site so I called what was the office

and got the gate attendant and was told I had to pay extra for cable


so I drove up front to pay

Then I was told my site has no cable tv