Complaint: I really need to make it a habbit of researching every company I do business with here before making any kinds of purchase. This way, it cuts a lot of potential aggreviation that could have been avoided. What really gets me about Cleverbridge is the fact I should have remembered them from years ago. FIrst time I actually overlooked a company thats has already ripped me off before. And the part of it that gals me, is the fact when I go to their website, I see the pirated product still advertised years later that I bought from them and got ripped off then as well. Cleverbridge should be renamed to CleverTheft. They been at it for years and keep modifying their name and address to avoid getting caught. What does Cleverbridge do that gets you rippped off? Simple, they get their hands on a lot of trialware, thats software you can try and if you like it before the trial is over, buy it or lease it. What Cleverbridge does is they get their hands on many software titles, then they modify the program and remove the information and software links to the origional writers, and substitute their own. People who inadvertantly download these versions either stupidly supply their credit card number and then not much later find they are the happy ownes of titles they never bought in the first place, which actually are just fake transactions because you will soon find out that the real company who owns the product will most likely not have your info on file and that your card was just run up to the maxx with whatever they chose to enter at the time. I never give my info out, I use a third party company to do my online transactions so if anything, I get burned once, and most of the time I get my money back from them anyway. As for Cleverbridge who years back sold me an illigal copy of Corel Draw, managed again to trick me into buying a copy of Utorrent Pro, in which they gave me a license number that they also sold to many other people as well. Not long after I bought this product, it shut down telling me I installed it on too many computers. As i only own one PC, this shows they sold the license to many other people and Utorrent fixed it by shutting down the illigal versions and updated it so Cleverbridge can no longer supply licenses again. When I contacted Utorrent, they had no record of the purchase I made recently, but did have one I made long ago so I was able to use my old key and have a working copy, that is also LEGAL =) Don;t let Cleverbridge rip you off. If you have a trialware with their name on it, uninstall it and look for the real company. Most products they modified also have viruses and troajans in them as well. Take care all =)

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: Internet USA


Phone: (312) 955-3600