clewwho40 Shaw City Engines Backed out of no reserve auction of engine I won Fresno California!!. I won a no reserve eBay auction for a 532 cu in Ford stroker engine from clewwho40 aka Shaw City Engines for $1,363 . Approx 1/3 of the buy it now prices they ask . eBay policy doesn’t allow the buyer to back out(buyer remorse) so this seller clewwho40 simply ignored my requests (8) for the total I need to pay including shipping. They also had the nerve to block me from further bidding on their items & reported me as a non paying buyer . Knowing full well I couldn’t pay without the auction without the full amount including freight . After 72 hrs eBay then let’s the POS cancel the auction. He gets off Scott free & no one knows the better because I can’t leave feedback for an auction that “NEVER HAPPENED” . That’s how they have such a good eBay rating. Don’t buy from them , they are DISHONEST & bad reviews are

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