I ordered a box set of DVDs from this company. The website www.clickdvdhouse.com showed photos of nice box sets and had a lot of information about the tv show, how many discs it includes, etc. The Privacy Policy and the FAQ page make it look fairly legit. I ordered the set and received a confirmation. After 10-14 business days, I had not received the order as expected. I sent an email to the address the confirmation came from and received a tracking number. The DVDs arrived within a couple of days. It was obvious from the second I got them that they had been shipped from China and were a bootleg copy, not the “NEW”” that was promised on the website. They were also poorly labeled. Quality was mediocre. I found that one of the discs was missing. I emailed to inquire about getting the missing disc replaced since their website made it sound like they’d always be happy to resolve any issues. They kept asking me to double check that the disc was missing. They finally said they’d ship a replacement for the missing disc. I asked for a tracking number but they said they couldn’t provide one. I then asked why they were able to give me one the first time and not now. This apparently upset them because they said they were going to cancel sending the replacement since I was being rude and making unreasonable demands. They said they’d send info for me to ship it back for a refund. It was at this point that all of their emails came from different gmail accounts. I couldn’t find an address or phone number for them. I knew then that this must be scammers. I filed a dispute for the charge with my credit card company. I sent one last email to “”Tracy Wallace”” at the company who had sent all the emails to let them know I was disputing the charge on the grounds of not receiving the product I ordered in full. I got a VERY inappropriate email back stating that they would take legal action against me for the obvious fraud I was conducting and that they would post my information including my credit card info all over the internet. I promptly got my card company to cancel that # and issue a new one

so I have little concern over this threat. I discontinued emailing them and am going to let the credit card company resolve the matter. Clearly these people aren’t very bright because insisting that all business is conducted via email means I have written proof of everything. It will be sent to my credit card company to aid them in disputing the charge. I’m confident my credit card company will credit me the charge and won’t give them the money. I’d be happy to return their DVDs to them since it’s missing a disc and their obviously illegal copies anyways

but only if they send me a method to return them at their expense. Do not buy from this company. It’s obvious that someone needs to find these people and shut them down. They are committing all kinds of fraud.”

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