I received a text from Mary Ann, stating that my resume was received and reviewed by their online recruitment team. I was selected to undergo an interview wiht the hiring manager for available positions in Administration, Exe. Administration Assistant, Clerical, Accounting, etc. They provided me with a pay rate of $35.60 full time and $23.16 part time.Then I received another text asking me what did I want to do as a job. Thereafter, I was sent a link for the Google Hangouts to being the "interviewing" process. I had to download the Google Hangouts and was asked a series of questions like where I lived, what type of job was I looking for, what are my strength/weaknesses, what do I currently do, what jobs have I held, and why do I think that I am qualified for the job.In addition, they asked if I wanted full time or part time work to be paid weekly or bi-weekly.Once getting through all the questions, the hiring manager Phill Miller has to copy the conversation to head quarters to see if I was approved for the job. After 25 minutes of waiting, I received an offer of the $35.60. Then there were more questions about if I wanted direct deposit or check and the back that I used (no info asked about routing numbers or account numbers).I was then asked for my mobile phone carrier and then my username and password. I declined and the Phill Miller assured me that there was nothing worry about. That I could change my password after and that management needed to confirm my account with Verizon, which made no sense. They were setting me up with a work phone.I did not proceed with them and ended the conversation, which led me to researching them even more on the BBB. I saw great reviews on Glassdoor and checked their website, which looked legit.