Clock conversions They have you over a barrel so they squeeze you for every penny Grand Rapids Michigan!!. I’m a handicap individual who just drove over 70 miles round trip to have a piece put on my van lift. It was quoted at 37.50 and I asked if they could put this on at no charge because I’d spent over $850.00 there in the last few months getting work done on my lift. I also said that this piece has been on my van since 2002 and it only fell off after they worked on it.. I was willing to purchase the part but am not capable of installing it as I can’t reach down that far. They said that a sales man or someone would be able to put that on, as it’s only a 5 minute job and it just slides into place. When I got there, they wanted $69.00 for the part because it also needed a gasket of some type but they were unwilling to install it without a charge. (I think that the Gasket is $7.00 on amazon) I told them that they had said on the phone that they would install it at no charge in fact the bill had a note that said installation $ 0.00. Then the person I had talked to said that he had talked to me and said that they would have to charge to put this on (not at all true). I live in the handicap community and Clock is not highly thought of for just such actions. I returned the part and still don’t have one after a three month wait I refuse to knuckle under to their deceit and abuse. My closest retailer is in Bay City Michigan and I guess I’ll have to drive to there to get this plate. On a side note I talked to my Representative Lisa Lyons, about breaking up this type of monopoly over 2 years ago and nothing has been done to date. Please investigate this story and expose the corruption and the way handicap individuals are forced to pay outlandish prices for the things that they need to survive every day. Thank you

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