Clogging Nissan Atlantic Blvd. Con Artists Jacksonville Florida!!. I purchased a 2018 Nissan Altima in June of 2014, from Coggin Nissan. With the car barely being 2 years old, I didn’t feel the need to purchase an extended warranty. Big mistake! In the six months I’ve had this clunker, I’ve had to replace the battery (the car died on me THREE times within three months). The dealer refused to replace it for free but offered to sell me one at a pretty expensive price. I declined, fearing the quality of their parts. In addition to the battery, I kept telling them that the tire pressure light won’t go out. They’re only suggestion was to add air to the tire. When I explained that this was only a temporary fix (because I’ve tried it several times), they ignored me & just put air in it anyway. No one bothered to look further into the problem & needless to say, it still exists. The next issue is regarding my air vents. I noticed that my defroster wasn’t working, and neither was the floor vents. Not understanding why this is a problem, I took it to a mechanic. I was told that I had a bad accurator. I asked Nissan if they would fix it, I was told that because I didn’t purchase an extended warranty, it wasn’t covered. Feeling defeated, I paid over $200 to have the mechanic repair this part…..or so I thought. I paid the money, but only to find out that this didn’t fix the problem. I was was told that the whole housing unit was bad, and the part was on a national back order due to several cars having this same issue. He advised me to try to get the dealership to fix the problem because of the national back order. Armed with the information he provided me, I went back to Coggin to plead my case. But to no avail. Again, I was told that this would be at my expense. I was told that Nissan doesnt see this as a safety concern, so they wouldn’t cover the expense. (So not being able to see because I can’t defrost my windows…..that’s not a safety concern?) the “manager” (Chris) didn’t even have the courtesy to look at me & speak to me like I was a human being. He simply looked down at his computer, quoted me a fee of $1500 ($1000 of that being labor alone), & waited for me to pay. I brought up the fact that this being a problem with other cars due to being on NATIONALS back order, in which he actually called & confirmed, but that meant nothing. The salesman who sold me the car even tried to plead my case, explaining to Chris that I’ve had several issues on a 2 year old car. But his pleas fell on deaf ears. So again, I walked away defeated Due to having a bad bad housing unit, the new part I just purchased is burning out. So since then, my heat & my AC have started failing. If I knew i was going to encounter this much heartache, I would’ve avoided going to them. I’ve never experienced such lack of concern in my life. I understand they’re a car dealership, in the business of making money, but I might as well have gone to a “buy-here-pay-here” dealership.

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