Complaint: Boderline scam. Chloe Villano is a one woman show working from home, not the impression one would normally get from a person representing themselves as a successful consulting firm with years of experience. We contacted Chloe to get more information on the listings that she has on her website. First we were asked to pay $275 for us to be verified to even receive the listings. This was a red flag for me but I went ahead and paid for that. After viewing the listings for a couple months I decided that I wanted to move forward with speaking with the owners. When I contacted Chloe to get the infomatiion 4 days later I still had not received. I called Chloe and left a message, a couple hours later I finally got a call back. She told me that she is extremly busy and that if I wanted her attention I would need to pay her $1000 for a retianer for her services and that’s what it would take to get the listings. Reluctantly I paid this because we were eager to get moving. After 8 days of calls and emails trying to get the info then Chloe tells me that I need to sign a buyers contract, before I ever speaking to a business owner, before she would move forward with getting us the info that we needed. This buyers contract that had to be signed included a 3% tax on any purchase that we made from her leads….I found out the person listing the business is also resposible for 3% of sale. This seemed like entirely too much to charge for just a few hours of work since these businesses sell for $250k-1.5 million (shes asking for $20-30k for a $500k purchase). Reluctantly I signed the contract, I knew better. Nearly 2 weeks after asking for the information, paying her $1275, and signing a buyers contract Chloe still refused to send over the information so that I could contact the owner. After this I started to wonder if these listing even existed and werent just created by Chloe to scam people out of consulting money. I asked for a full refund of my money from Chloe since she did absolutely nothing for us. She claims that she had to verify us and that is what was causing the delay….but I paid to be verified 3 months prior. She told me that it would take 30 days to process the refund and that she would be billing me for the time she spent explaing her contract and trying to sell me her services. I refused to pay that and told her I would contact my credit card company to dispute the charges. She started threating me with her attorney, and threating to hurt the reputation of my existing business….which has nothing to do with Chloe. She is hard to get in touch with, she’s a liar, and she is a boderline scammer. On the other hand I contacted a consultant from El Paso county CO, within 8 hrs of contacting him I had an appointement with a business owner! In 8 hrs he did what Chloe wasn’t able to do for nearly 2 weeks! After this happended I started asking around and I’m not the only person that has had problems with Chloe. Do your homework! Avoid the trouble I’m now having trying to get my money back for services I never recieved. Stay away from Clover Leaf Consulting, its not good for buyers or sellers!!!

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Phone: (720) 515-1281