Hi allI have been a member with Clu intrawest for 2 years now and everytime I ask them to book something for me the answer is unavailable.until recently I traveled to bluemointain to talk to one of their sales rep and she said to me its too early to book florida Animal kingdom we will have to do it 4 month in advance. so I waited until that date with no answer. so I thought to request it again so I do not loose the reservation.I learned that this person has left and somebody else took over and did nothing about it until I initiated it again. everything seems fine with the dates the choose for my vacation and availability is confirmend until they called back and saidm only one day is not available as as requested but the others ok. I said its fine book me in another room for that day.the next time they called was a month later and said I changed your reservation to be not what you asked for but something else. here I was upset and said to go back and find what I asked for.the next em

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