I’m an owner at liki Tiki in Orlando. I use to be anyway. Now I’m making payments and not receiving what I bought, a timeshare. Our son is getting married and for their gift we wanted to give them a week in our 1bedroom. We also have a two bedroom that we are paying for . this year we called them to book it and they can’t find where we own anything. All they have done is give us the run around. This resort has now been purchased by Stephen J Cloobeck, from what I understand. Mr Cloobeck was on undercover boss. If he wants his business to be run the way I think he does, then he needs to check liki Tiki out. its funny how they can’t find us as owners, but when it comes time to draw our money out of the bank they can find that. Not to mention, that’s how we pay our maintenance fees each month too. weve been owners since 1993 and never had this problem. We have had problems getting someplace that we wanted to be, like at the beach. They’re always booked up. My husband called one time and acted like he wanted to get a room there and guess what? They had a room for us to buy. I’ve heard that they stop giving the owners rooms at 50%. That figures. folks don’t buy a timeshare. Put so much money up a month and have yourself a nice vacation. I wish I had done that now. Too late.

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