This guy (Tapp Palmer) is a crook and is at it again and launched his website again It says he has 20 stores in 10 states. This is not true he has 8 stores of which 4 of them will close in 2018. If he was so proud and supportive of his franchises why are they not listed on his website anymore, because he doesn’t want you talking to any of them. The reason being he has screwed each and every one of them out of their life savings. This is a Ponzi scheme and he should be in jail! Also, why was “Franserve”” one of the countries largest franchise consulting companies supporting him and selling these as franchises

because they were getting some of the largest commissions in the country on the franchise sale! Tapp can be reached at 843-408-9456 Don’t fall for his scam!”

Charleston, South Carolina United States