Complaint: I’ve played the game of poker for over 25 years, online poker for over 10 years and clubwpt is the worse site for onliine poker imaginable! This info only goes for the weekend tournament games at as any other game seems to not have heavy lag times. I find it hard to believe at a 6 or (10) seat table someone always has a hand to beat the good hand that a player might have. I mean (99%) always! It seems that all poker odds go right out the window. I’ve seen players with (five) face card pairs 5 straight hands with them winning all! The river is an obvious tell that this site (clubwpt) is rigged! Any card that person may need seems to come through more times than not. More flush and straight then the mind can comprehend. More bad players shoving with nothing and end up getting the best hands. If you used the alternative means way of entry(sending in home and screen name info on a index card) to get month free, you really lose and waste your valuable time! You can’t check your position in the weekend tournament games without being froze or booted out the table all together. I’ve noticed with alternative use when you go out from a ridiculous hand, on the main screen, there is that “red button”” that says

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: “”upgrade to vip”” as to mock you for not paying clubwpt to play. When you are sent to another table by the system you can get booted from the game and take 5 minutes or more waiting for the table pop up to appear to get assigned to your next table. That takes time away from table and ultimately takes chips away from your stack. You are at the table by the system but you are not at the table to play unless you ok the table pop up screen that sends you to table? I’ve lost chips and chances to win because of this! Again if you try to check game stats you get froze and that usually means you have to refresh the game just to get back to your table! This is after cache has been cleaned and all other measures taken to assure a game without issues. You can go to any site on the web but once the weekend tourney gets here clubwpt site has a million and one issues trying to log on to it! I’ve tried to ping the site clubwpt and all packets were bad! I mean each and every weekend i’ve pinged the site this has happened! Yet I can go to any other site on the web and it’s just fine? I’ve been recording my games for some time now..and the proof is definitely in the pooding! Hopefully if there is ever a need for lots of video evidence of the way the site works


Phone: I have it! Mabe it will help proving no less than fraud in a court of law against! There is so much more going on there but my head is starting to hurt thinking about how these crooks at clubwpt are commiting fraud and wasting people time on a dream that I have to stop. Player who knows a cheat when I see one”