This merchant lists a NY Yankees World Series Hooded Sweatshirt as being an Authentic Majestic brand Hoodie with tags. It has the NY emblem on front and the trophy on the back. He sells it for $49.99 on Ebay. I bought 2 from him. When I received the hoodies, they had no tags and they were Jerzees brand, not Majestic. Jerzees is a much cheaper quality item. You can buy Majestic most places for $54.99. Jerzees sweatshirts are seldom more than $20.00 to $25.00, most even under $20. When I contacted C&M Sports Apparel about their deceptive practice in advertising and asked for my money back, Mr Heintz not only refused, but became extremely rude and belligerent. He then argued that Majestic does not make their own brand and gets their clothing from Jerzees and other manufacturers and simply add thier Majestic label. He further stated that when the item is for a special event, such as the World Series, they don’t even bother to add their label, as in this case. This, of course, is a lie. I contacted another vendor who sells this hoodie, only it is authentic Majestic. The vendor stated if it says Majestic, then it is made by Majestic, with their label, and a license tag from MLB. C&M Sports Apparel has none of these authentications. I also contacted Majestic who confirmed they make their own items and they are appropriately tagged Majestic and licensed by MLB. You can find all this information on the real Majestic brand of this hoodie by going to the Majestic web site. I currently have a claim filed against C&M Sports Apparel with Ebay. Thank goodness I paid with PayPal and have some protection against this dishonest merchant.

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