Complaint: BUYER BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. They sell theme packages for popular CMS like wordpress, magento, etc. They advertise their themes and plugins as responsive, with fast page speeds. They advertise features like live chat, pricing matrix tables, one step checkout, etc. However, some of these features are not included in the theme, or they are actually a free plugin from other developers. They also mention SEO friendliness, however that is definitely not the case. Running it through Googles Page tester results in numerous errors and a score that does not equate to the themes price tag. While there support is great, and very responsive, they fail to awknowledge that their themes are unresponsive, slow, and essentially useless. A user below posted an excellent analogy, somebody does not pay $20,000 for a new car, drive it out of the lot, and find out that everything between A – Z is wrong with it. No you expect it to be exactly as it is desribed. Well this is a similar case, you don’t pay $500 for a theme, and upon installation have issues with it. Support refuses to apply a refund because they believe that by not allowing them to help you with the issues that the theme is having you are refusing their support. However, they fail to realize the situation above, you dont pay a grand amount of money for a product that requires fixing. If you are brave enough to purchase something from this company, utilize a credit service like Paypal Credit, or a good credit card like an AMEX, so you can dispute charges. Developers like this should not be allowed to conduct business.

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