This company is a fraud, or at least they like to perpetrate fraud. I bought as groupon for window cleaning. They immediately started double-counting windows and doors, upcharging me for things, and when I got the final bill, they charged me for more windows than I have in the house! Then they began harassing me, talking to my neighbors about me, and calling me at all hours and from random phone numbers. | They refused to work when I could actually be home, so I had to leave work to open the door so they could do their work. I went back to work. I was shocked at how bad their work was. | Further, they damaged my screens and left my windows dirtier than they were before they got to them. These guys play dirty. Don’t trust them, especially not Candee Johnson. | The positive reviews were paid for, I guarantee it. Do yourself a favor. Windex and a paper towel will do a far better job than CMT Window Cleaning at a much smaller cost.


Name: CMT Window Cleaning

Country: United States

State: California

City: Brea


Phone: (714) 326-6432