Property was picked up in Richmond CA for delivery to Plano, TX. Wife and Daughter trying to handle the move with who we thought to be honorable people. Driver arrives in Plano and hands us a bill for 1, 000 pounds over the contract amount. Demanding over $1, 000.00 more money. Two movers, one could not speak English making it difficult to communicate. Tried to contact company management. Finally a call from Peter who represents himself as the owner. He states the truck will not be unloaded until full bill paid in cash. We call the Police and the truck leaves before the Police arrive. We then filed a report. Hard to get a hold of, voice mail stays full most of the time. I texted him a couple of days later and he calls me with an offer to weigh truck before delivery and after delivery to verify weight. But, I have to pay him in full before he would unload. I have since found out that Fed Regulations require him to deliver shipment and we pay 10% above the original contracted amount. We then can mediate or pay the difference. I faxed him that request and was basically told he has my stuff and tough. It has been 10 days since delivery attempt and just tonight I am told the truck will be back in one week. I have since started to dig into the company and found that he has another complaint filed. I am sure there are several more unfilled victims of this companies scam. I put him on notice, even while he has told me that no agencies care about this problem, that his employees better have CDL Licenses, Health Cards, Green Cards and such. He finds that very funny, while in fact he has my property in HOSTAGE. There are federal regulations that I plan to follow through with.

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