Coachworx Spend $100,000 in cash for an RV and now I can’t get a title. clearwater, Florida!!. Last Friday afternoon 7/6/2018 I bought an RV from Coachworx, a cleawater, FL RV dealer. I was told that they would get me the title so I could register it. Now that I have paid for it and taken it home they refuse to get me a title even though its against the law. I have been on vacation since Saturday at a cost of $3,000 a day and they do not care. My whole family is mad as they want to get going on the remainder of their vacation they have waited two years for and I can’t go as I cannot register my RV. Its been 5 days today and I have lost $15,000 as a direct result of this bad company, not including the RV which at this point may well be hot or stolen for all I now know. Do NOT do business with this rip off so called dealership. They are new to this business and I thought I had found a place to buy from and to get service from but these two jokers that own this place by the names of Mike Bell and Rick May are real bad news. Buyer beware. The State of Florida will now become involved in their illegal activity. I will also notify all Prevost owners through the Prevost network of owners, to not do ANY business with them.

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