In 2008 we were presented with a presentation to join Coast to Coast Grand Getaways. When we were told that it would be passed on to our children we signed up. We were not advised that we only had three days to cancel. After several months payments to them, we were charged over $200. We called them and were asked if we enjoyed our Florida vacation. I disputed it. I started investigating the company to find that they function under several alias names. They have continued to add charges to us! We have not heard anything from them in over four years, yet they take it upon themselves to continue to charge us. I had previously filed a report on them. I received a phone call from a manager in Sarasota, FL. She requested me to take the report off as it was making them look bad. I told her that the way that the company functions is making them look bad. They continue to function on lies and stealing from their customers.

Sarasota, Florida USA

877 718 1400

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