I bought a cobra fi2000 pro black tuner for my motorcycle I installed it as per directions in the box once on the road my bike was having a problem. I took the tuner off I ran the bike the problem was gone. I contacted cobra on June 27 they got back right away asking for a copy of my receipt I sent it on the 28 of June and did not hear from them so on July 5th I called and was told the guy was out for a half hour and to call back I called back an hour later and was told the same thing again so today July 19th I posted a bad review on social media and the guy called me. The guy on the phone said that there was a warranty claim generated on the 28th of June for a replacement circuit board but I was never contacted by them so today I ordered a tuner from another company and wrote the review the guy on the phone asked what he could do to make this right I said refund me for the faulty tuner beings I already missed three weeks of riding. He said he couldn’t do that he said he could fix my tuner and send it back to me I said ok send me a shipping label again he said I can’t do that so I asked what he could do he said I could pay to have it shipped back with return postage of course me paying for it even though he admitted cobra recognized it’s there fault and they know there is a problem with the tuner. So now I have a $350 paper weight.


Name: Cobra USA, Inc.

Country: United States

State: California

City: Yorba Linda

Address: 23801 La Palma Ave

Phone: 714-692-8180

Website: www.cobrausa.com/