I got an email through my school, which appeared to be from another student. The email stated a company named Codi Services was hiring for a mystery shopper. I filled out the application, and was sent text messages telling me I would get a check in the mail for my first job assignment. I received a cashier’s check for $2,980 on 4/23/19.The text messages stated I was to deposit the check in my checking account, and go to a local electronics store, using the money to purchase $2,600.00 in store gift cards. According to a letter accompanying the check, $300.00 was included for my salary, and there would be a leftover total of $80.00. The letter detailed that after purchasing the gift cards, I was to use them to purchase merchandise form the store, which would then be collected from my by a "verified agent" of Codi Services.After receiving the check I researched the bank it was written from, located in Georgia, and made contact with them by phone. The male representative I spoke with at the bank stated the check is counterfeit. The address on the envelope, I found to belong to a cosmetic surgery office in El Paso, Texas. I am going to store the check in my personal safe, unless I hear I should do otherwise.