I am posting on here for the world to see what a sham attorney Pedro Cofino is. | I live in Ohio and hired Attorney Pedro Cofino to represent me in a probate case. Cofino ultimately milked me for $15000 (not a typo) in billable hours and did and accomplished nothing, taking advantage of the fact that I am not in Florida and feeding me BS. | To be sure, I ended up firing him when I reached $15000 in fees and realized that he had done next to nothing on my case, stating that he would make it right. Well, he never did and that never happened instead having his secretary respond on his behalf. | I am now filing a complaint with the licensing Board and seeking remedy to recoup my losses and time.


Name: Cofiño Trial Law

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Miami Beach

Address: 407 Lincoln Road Suite PH-NW

Phone: 305-531-8111

Website: www.miamibeachlawyers.com/