Coggin Buick GMC OF Orange Park Service Manager / Stacy and her service attendant Nick The Service Manager (Stacey) became a technician in 5min of driving my new car and refused service for my brand new broke car (was purchased broken) This would be the tenth time it has come back to d Jacksonville, Florida!!. I purchased my first brand new car in 2018 of October. Day one I told everyone that the car runs rough and something was wrong. This vehicle cuts off, accelerates when it wants, slows down at will. When I drive the vehicle, I have to force the car to drive. The car has been in the shop numerous times and has not been fixed. I just received my car back three weeks ago, after my car has been in the shop at least 10 times for the same exact problem. Last time they supposedly fixed it, it was the transmission. The first week the car drove well. Second week better, this week (11/15/12) I took it in. I noticed on this last week the car reverted back to the hesitation, dragging, braking on its own and accelerating in spurts. I am not safe in this car. The service attendant named Nick wanted to drive it ( he became a car technician after 5 minutes of driving the vehicle and decided there was nothing wrong with the car. Then he decided to get Ms. Stacey the Service Manager for a second opinion, she wanted to drive the car with me as well. There is no consideration for my time either; I explained I was on my lunch break; I was told to bring in the vehicle so the can take care of it and there was courtesy car waiting. She became a car tech after driving my vehicle for 5 minutes as well and decided there was nothing wrong with my vehicle and decided to put her mangerial skills to work and told me to take the vehicle to Nimnicht. Wow! I purchased this product with Coggin Buick GMC of Orange Park. I guess a paying customer that has issues with a brand new broke vehicle means nothing these days. I am warning you all, do not go to this dearlership, horrible service. Not once did I scream or slander anyone. I have every ryhme and reason to be angry. I did however voiced my opinion to the Service manager and she said, out of her own mouth, “at this point your car qualifies for the lemon law as many times as it has been here” her words not mine. The service manager is a nice nasty young lady. Just enough to not get a complaint and say she did not yell or curse the customer and tried everything should could but enough to offend and be rude! This is the same Service Manager (Stacey) that allows her service attendants to let their customers leave with absolutely no gas in the tank! I came in with a half tank of gas the last time and sent on my way with nothing (on red) I am sick of being treated so poorly. I have always made my payments on time and I don’t appreciate the nice nasty service. Apparently this young lady realizes her technicians cannot fix the issues that came with the car and blowing me off like I a leaf will resolve things on her end. Now I am refused service because they cannot fixed the problem with the vehicle. Way to go Service Department! I want the whole world to know how you treat your paying customers. I am alerting the BBB and GM themselves of this treatment from you and your department.

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