Coggin Toyota Neglectful Service Jacksonville Florida!!. I went to service my car and instead of waiting in the waiting room I went to sales department to look at cars. I test drove a car and talked about trading in my lease but they wouldn’t even give me a rough estimate on how much I would pay for a car without pulling my cosigners credit. Two hours pass by and I go to get my car cause I was pretty sure it would be ready but to my amazement there was no one in the service department except 1 person who said that she didn’t have the keys to my car or if she called her supervisor that she would not pick up her phone and she didn’t have the number for the service manager. So I went back to the sales department to see if they could get my keys or fix the problem but they pretty much didn’t recognize my existence and just brushed me away saying they don’t have anyway of contacting the managers in service department or any way to get the keys. The Salesman

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