My daughter bought a pair of ray ban sunglasses from Cohen Fashion Optical in Oceanside New York. The sunglasses are in the front of the store and she purchased a pair of ray bans on sale for $180 reduced from $210 for which she paid cash. After wearing them for an hour she felt pain behind both ears and on both sides of the bridge of her nose. The very next day she tried to return them and they refused to give her money back. The young lady went on to tell her that they have a no return policy and the sign is in the back of the store where of course very few people would see it. They were very nice and brag about their great customer service before they take your money and even said that it was warranteed with no details. Long story short avoid these scam artists. Unfortunately I see all the bad reviews online after being scammed. In fact I could not find one good review. Thats an impressive record. My hope is that more people will read reviews and avoid being ripped off. In addition , there are many wonderful merchants in town that appreciate our business and everyone should get the word out when they have good and bad experiences.

Oceanside, New York USA