Said "As a consultant with a focus on international business, majority of my personal clients are out of the country so i travel a lot for a cordial business relationship which is why I need someone to help with my errands as I am constantly out of town. As a matter of fact I am currently on a business trip to Stockholm, Sweden and the need of an assistant is Urgently required to get my business running smoothly without loosing some of my clients back home before my return. You will be prepaid in advance to do my shopping, Bill payments, placing and expediting orders, picking-up and delivering items to my P O box. The pay is $400 per week for the start and I want the best candidate for this position."Then, after answering her questions: "Thanks for signifying your interest, your answers to the questions is satisfactory. This is the kind of job you will enjoy and benefit so much from, all you need to do is to be attentive to every instruction and execute them without flaws. You will be working and reporting to me directly, I am glad to have you on board. Your weekly pay for the start shall be $400, if you are impressive and diligent, your salary will increase without delay. Like i told you already i am a consultant with Coldwell Banker and they are one of the topmost real estate company in the world and my job entails frequent travelling here and there trying to broker some deals. Currently I have some orders and payments pending, I will be sending you some money to make this payments and pick up some Items. I will let you know when I will be sending the payment. More so, I will like you to fill up the employment form below and send back to me. I will like you to start with me as soon as possible."Then: "A check of $2,725 has been sent to you via UPS delivery envelope with tracking number 1ZETK352NT90004014, you are to deposit the check at your bank today, it will reflect after 24 hours that is by tomorrow it will be fully cleared. Then once the funds is fully cleared into your account just let me know for further instructions."I tried to deposit the check at my bank, but it was fraudulent. When I told her it was fraudulent she said it was "impossible." I offered my bank’s phone number and then she asked if I had a bank account there. She then said she would sent another check and asked for $620 for an "urgent need." When asked what this "urgent need" was, she said "I need a transfer done to an associate for the purchase of a software which you will be taking delivery of. I need it shipped out today."I told her I could go to her office, and she said "Just hold on and let me make some confirmation. When the need arises for you to go over I will inform you. I am sure you know I’ll be back home next weekend."I have never met her. Never been to her office nor given her office address. I called a few Coldwell Banker offices in Tucson, and no "Jean Ringstad" worked at any. Never met any employees.I am assuming the check was marked with a random return address and name (Carla Hicks 20390 Kelly Place, Denver, Co), as the tracking numbe said it was shipped from the east coast.