$5,000 R E W A R D Offered by Pearson’s For Sale By Owner Services, for the arrest and conviction of any licensed real estate agent referred to us for price fixing. If an agent leaves a message on your cell phone or home answering voice mail, save the message! Bring the message to us and we’ll get it to the FBI and/or Justice Department and we will press for immediate prosecution. Price fixing is to be taken very, very seriously. Price fixing can be as simple as them saying that “nobody uses agent “”A”” because they are a discount broker”” or “”you are currently using agent “”A”” but no agent will show your house because they are a discount agency””. This is in an attempt to try and keep real estate commissions high. Any of these

or similar statements are blatantly illegal and must be reported. Price fixing – Trying to keep commission rates high by boycotting or steering customers away from

companies that offer less than high commission rates. Violation is a felony. Restitution to victims: civil recovery up to 3 times damages

$100M corporations and 10 years imprisonment for individuals. www.justice.gov/atr/public/real_estate/enforce.html www.ftc.gov ews-events/media-resources/mergers-and-competition/real-estate-competition Nothing is more important to real estate cartels than controlling the Multiple Listing Services (MLS)

the databases of homes for sale. Real estate websites often allow home-buyers to peruse local MLS listings on the Internet. Yet they sometimes censor or omit listings sponsored by a discount broker. And many established real estate agents won’t allow their own listings to appear on a discount broker’s site. That spiteful move led the U.S. Justice Department to sue the National Association of Realtors (NAR)