Debt Collection (Fraud)


My Complaint: Called me out of nowhere. A company claiming it was DocuSign knew my name and address and threatened to send someone to my door with a lawsuit unless I called the number listed above to settle. I called the number asking what it was about. They said it was in regards to a car I owned approximately 15 years ago that had been towed. It was not on my credit report. I talked to Rick West. He told me at the end of the call he was recording our conversation (I did not give him my consent to do so). Recently found out that this company has previously been sued for fraud several times. They are located in several countries under several names. They have been harassing me through email and phone calls to the point I have my phone on Do Not Disturb. They have an office in Pasadena, Ca that is a Tax Law office and they are also a stocks and bonds company worth billions. I found out through their phone numbers. Catch these guys and stop them!!!


My Demand: I want them sent to jail