Claiming that I owe money for something that I paid for!


My Complaint: I went on a website that offered a product for free if I paid shipping and handling, that I did. I found out I was subscribed to something, so I unsubscribed immediately. Now I received a pink paper in the mail. I called every number I could find on the Internet for this company and you can’t speak to anyone! I called the company this all started with (where the cream came from) and they kept changing the subject trying to sell me something or to just call “collectpros” then they just hang up! I was also informed to write a letter when I go to … I get on that site and you can’t write them, you can’t call them… These people do not want people to be able to get ahold of them! That page just stated what the pink paper did in the mail! I just want to get this resolved without paying $84.90! I never received any other products. And I can return the product I paid for, for a refund of my money, too… If it means this company will be out of my life. I don’t feel it is fair the way they are getting over on so many people. I see the other complaints and they are all very similar. I too Am going to have to report to BBB.


My Demand: Debt (amount owed) cleared. I do not owe this.