Complaint: You forgot to mention the Teachout that started winter quarter (January 2013). I was in the Associates of Arts & Science in Graphic Design program. Core graphic design classes taught by part-time teachers from other districts who knew nothing about graphic design or the programs that we used, but even the gen ed. classes were taught by instructors who had no background in the subject in which they were asked to teach. My “college level”” Math class was taught by a substitute kindergarten teacher from a nearby school district who’s major was in English. 300 level design classes taught by the dean of the school…? Who made it verbally known he knew nothing about design but would “”give it his best shot?”” I was told by the admissions rep whom I basically had to interview with in order to enroll at Collins College that the school was highly regarded in the academic community and upon completion of my AAS

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Address: transferring to ANY college in the nation would be a breeze due to their recognized name and accreditation. Well

Website: two major state universities and almost five years now since I “”graduated”” and all I have to show for it is $60

Phone: two states