Hii to all I have been working for Colombian emeralds international on board the cruise ships own Norwegian cruise line. This year 2 times i did find out about 2 diamond stud earings has been replaced with fire cz earings. Each earing was 2 ct and was $20.000 ticked price.this is happend in Ncl sky and Ncl spirit as well.i am sure there are more in the other ships.so be very careful when you are buying diamond from cei. Their jewelry managers are so uneducated and unprofessional as well.they have no idea about the difference between fire cz and diamond.thats why they decided to fire me 🙂 what a great solution,instead of a “thenk you””… If i knew

i will keep quiet and sell that fake diamond earrings and wait till customer sue the company.but i was honest as hell and now i am jobless. Dont buy fake diamond from colombian emeralds international!”

Nationwide USA