While I was a resident at Atlantis Assisted Living, now know Colonial Assisted Living not a day went by when they didn’t make a mistake dispensing my medication. I’m more knowledgeable about medicine than most and I don’t suffer from any mental problems and I can’t help wondering how many mistakes they made with medication for some of the other people here. I felt really bad for them. Nobody’s perfect but to me making mistakes with medication in a facility like this is just unforgiveable. I have a lot of respect for caregivers so I have no agenda in making these statements. | The worst thing that happened to me here was that I was in the hospital and while there Paul, the administrator directed Larry, the maintenance man to remove my possessions from my room. It was a shared room and when I got back there and was placed in a room half the size a lot of my things were missing. I reported them to the state of Florida and PBSO. As far as I know no attempt was made to locate my missing items. My new (much smaller) room was shared with a man with one leg who they moved around several times. I couldn’t believe they did that to the poor guy. I felt really bad for him even though he had bronchitis and coughed constantly and I was getting over a serious case of pneumonia. We shared a filthy bathroom with 2 other disabled men and no soap dispenser on the wall. Basic, common sense health practices are not part of the program here. I’m describing just a few of the problems here. I’m speaking up for the benefit of others as I’ve found another facility. I’m moving in just a few days. If you care for someone find someplace else. This place is dangerous to one’s mental and physical health.


Name: Colonial Assisted Living at Palm Beach County

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Lantana

Address: 6026 Old Congress Rd

Phone: 1 561-966-3232

Website: www.alfcareflorida.com/