Complaint: Colonial Emergency Physicians is, as best I can tell, the outsourced physician group hospitals in Abington, Lansdale, Doyelstown and other PA area hospitals. They are good doctors – this is not about the level of service – it is about the companies billing practices – If you receive a bill from Colonial Emergency Physicians AND you have insurance – call your insurance provider immediately. Colonial will send you a bill saying you owe the difference of what the insurance company paid and they bill. In most cases this is not legal. You have insurance for a reason. They are suppose to accept the agreed upon payment negotiated with the insurance carrier that is it. I have recieved 3 separate bills for 3 separate emergency room visits (usually 6 – 8 months after the visit). They even list that the insurance company did not pay a specific amount and tell you you are responsible. While this CAN BE TRUE it often is not. I have gotten 3 bills and all were tossed out. 2x I had to get my insurance carrier on the phone. The second time the carrier BCBS said if it happens again to report them. I want to stress that some plans may require you to pay. However, this company does not seem to care if you owe the money or not. If you do pay they do not issue you a refund. They keep the money as extra income they were not owed. Call your insurance company before you decide not to pay – you don’t want to find out you DO owe the money and get your credit messed up. On the other hand, how many people have paid or been harrassed for money they do not owe – it has happened to me 3 times….

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