A Colonial Life agent came to my mother’s work and was selling life insurance , she had a county job at the time. She purchased a policy on my father to take the burden off of me in case of his passing. They were divorced at this time and she explained that to the agent and he assured her that was not a problem. My mother has been paying on a life insurance policy, one on her and one on my father for over 9 years. My father had recently passed late 2015 . We called Colonial Life and informed them my dad had passed. | They said the check would be mailed out within a couple of days so we can have him put to rest. We did not receive anything for a couple of weeks. We called to see what was the hold up . They said needed more paper work. We mailed them what they asked. 2 more weeks went by , we called back and they wanted more paper work. So after 6 weeks go by after my father’s passing, Colonial Life does not want to pay the claim because the agent put down hus in relation spot. They said the policy should have never been written. They said they will pay back my mothers premiums and the are sorry for the mistake. Even though the policy says they have 2 years to cancel policy and after that it takes effect. | It’s only a $5000 policy. It’s only purpose is to take care of my father’s remains. 3 months have gone by and Colonial life has not tried to send back my mothers premiums she had paid over the last 9 years. But in fact are still taking the premiums out for my father’s policy which they declined and they know he has passed. Just shows us how Colonial life is only about taking money from people, even after they die continue taking money. My mother is disgusted and devistated about the whole situation. I took care of my fathers cremation as i should . I had to rush to get the money together so my father’s body didn’t sit at the hospital for 6 weeks while Colonial life decided not to pay the policy. | We talked to a lawyer and he said that we are 100% in the right, but due to the size of the policy its not worth it to him to pursue the case. I’m sure Colonial life figures the same, that we will give up and they will keep the premiums and the $5000 . But they are mistaken. It is more about the principal at this point and we will take every available Avenue to get the word out of the horible business practices of a major national company such as Colonial life. We would appreciate any help from any party to help our situation against this company , from a lawsuit for breaking the contract of the policy to putting our story on tv to let people know what that company can do to you in your darkest time. It still brings my mother to tears. ..


Name: Colonial Life

Country: United States

State: Maine

City: Portland

Address: 2211 CongressStreet, C476

Phone: 800.325.4368

Website: www.coloniallife.com