I am writing to you because I have been having difficulty with my mortgage lender Colonial Saving Mortgage since 2010. In effort to make a long story short. I became unemployed in 2010, at this time I started nursing school and contacted my mortgage company to see if I would qualify for a Home Affordable Modification program or any other program to reduce my payments on my mortgage. I was informed 3 months later after difficulty getting them to review the application, that this program was not available to me because they were “unable to create an affordable payment equal to 31% of your reported monthly gross income without changing the terms of your loan beyond the requirement of the program” I continued to try to work out a solution . | Through persistence ” lots of ignored calls emails” I was finally approved for a reduce payment plan in September. The representative I worked with Anthony Flores, stated that this was a payment plan, were as long as I made the agreed upon payment it would not effect my credit and I would be able to refinance as soon as employment was obtained or when the the agreed upon reduced term ended. This was not the case, I contacted them as soon as I started my first jobs as a RN. | I provided them an application for refinance as well as a financial statement and pay stubs. On Sept 2012 they decided that I would not qualify for a refinance and that I had to go on a repayment plan since my income was to high and I had essentially made late payments during the whole reduced payment term since they were reduced and not the full amount. They stated I would have to pay $2824.97 per month for 1 year or loose my home. I was stuck at this point and buckled down worked as much as I could and made the payments every month. During the repayment plan I had trouble with them posting my payment. | I would send them via certified funds and at times certified mail, they would receive them 5-15 days prior to the due date and often wait 1-2 weeks to post the check, on three occasions they mailed the checks back to me 10-12 days after they received it (per post mark on envelope). I have several messages sent via colonial savings secure messaging service disputing why my checks were mailed back, not posted ect. Now the final straw. I contacted colonial savings on 8/10/15 and 8/13/15 regarding fees on my account. I never received a credit or information regarding the charges. I called into Colonial savings in September and in October. | I wanted to check on the status of the charges and see what they were for and if they would be refunded. Both times the representative stated they had no information. I filed a dispute both times I called. Now its 11/19, over 4 moths since my original inquiry and I got nothing, no explanation, no refund, nor response. I am tired of fighting them, the endless hours on hold, the countless emails, the complete disrespect for my rights.


Name: Colonial National Mortgage

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Fort Worth

Address: 2600 West Freeway

Phone: 817-390-2000

Website: www.colonialsavings.com/