Complaint: Colorado Deck and Patio, LLC solicits reviews from their customers which is against the policy of the various review sites. More than that though Colorado Deck and Patio pays for perfect reviews by sending out visa gift cards. The more you write, the more they send out. Again this is against the policies of the various sites that they’re soliciting reviews for. Even with this, they don’t have a ton of reviews, except for on google. Google allows for their system to be easily gamed, so Colorado Deck and Patio, LLC, games that system. If you look at their Google business page today, March 2018 you’ll see multiple 5 star reviews that have a lot in common. The grammar, weird word choices, the use of the full company name, the use of both employees names, Eric and Stephen and all the exclamation points. Then look at the responses to the negative reviews, same weird word choices and grammar. If that’s not enough for you, consider that all of these reviews came in, in less than 2 weeks. Some companies have been listed for years and take that long to amass this many reviews. Still not enough? Ok how about the fact that Michael Perry is using a stock image that you can find being used on tons of sites? Or that Mary Lopez is using a photo of Georgia Toffolo from her Insta feed? When another review called out the stock image, they briefly changed the name of Michael Perry to Michael Terry and changed his photo and when a screen cap showed up, they changed it back. Then let’s talk about Colorado Deck and Patio, LLC’s responses to the negative reviews, there’s a pattern there. If they can blame the issues on someone else, they do. They never take any responsibility for anything. They make up wild stories and then accuse people of making things up or say they don’t know the person. Funny how they’re never at fault, for anything. They don’t even manage to have a cohesive narrative between one response to another, one says they have only 1 negative review, another claims 2, then they bounce around between being in business 7 years and 10. They claim to have multiple employees with large families to support, there is only the owner, Stephen Jackson and his one employee Eric Johnson, who is a single guy. They subcontract their work, which they also claim they don’t do, except for the one response where they say they did, so they can blame the problems on a sub-contractor. You can google Stephen Jackson and find his posts offering to hire sub-contractors to work. It’s all lies. Colorado Deck and Patio, LLC claims on their website that they’re about transparency and honesty and integrity, it seems pretty clear that they don’t have any understanding of what those words mean. If they did, they wouldn’t be posting fake reviews, or making up wild stories or outright lying in their marketing. Integrity means being accountable and those responses are anything but taking accountability. If you’re researching Colorado Deck and Patio, LLC. to potentially hire them, do not trust the reviews, positive or negative, you’re just better off hiring someone else, it’s not worth the risk. Good people don’t do what these 2 guys are doing.

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Address: 34863 co rd 21 Elizabeth, Colorado United States


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