I saw an ad for a Ford Van listed to have been in an accident but have a Clean Title. I asked multiple times to send me the VIN so I can do my own background check and they seem to just ignore it. They offered to send me their carfax instead. The person said he copied and pasted and never read it when creating the craigslist ad. I went to their website and did not like the look of it for a company that supposedly have been in business for ten years. I checked the website domain registration and it was created just this month. I checked BBB and google and the company name did not turn up. That meant it was too new to even make it in the search registry. I checked google map and the streetview showed no company signs on buildings.They gave me the same story of the seller being divorced and had no use for a van. She was a flight attendant and had no time to sell herself. I din’t need to know all that. Too much unsolicited info. The money I send will be in escrow and I have five days to inspect the car.Too many red flags, folks.