I have attended CTU online as a part-time student for the last five years, on and off. Each year they have me fill out my FASFA. They never follow up to provide any further information on the amount that is being requested, or how much my sessions will cost. The only documentation I can find on my own is an estimated yearly cost, which is usually around $4,000. Last year, 2015, they took out over $24,000 in loans in my name. I am currently over $63,000 in debt because of this ‘program’. The average cost for my degree is $34,000. I have contacted CTU several times asking why this amount is so high, and why no one ever told me how much they were taking out in loans. I have yet to find someone to answer my questions. I have requested a detailed invoice of exactly where my money has been spent, and have yet to be given one. The employees I’ve spoken to keep running me in circles. I don’t see how it’s legal for them to take out loans in my name for such high amounts, without my knowledge. I still have a year left until I receive a degree from them. I don’t know how I will ever be able to repay these loans. This seems criminal. I would have never enrolled in this program if I would have known it would cost me so much. I’m not even receiving a quality education. CTU’s curriculum is a joke. I rarely even read the books or study and am receiving ‘A’s’.