Eddie Colson is extremely unprofessional and should not be allowed to do real estate investing at all. Eddie and I agreed to work together doing commercial real estate investing deals and he signed a contract with me stating that he would do everything I told him to do. | When he didnt do that and then the next time we spoke her asks me to put money in escrow for a deal he supposedly put under contract that he wanted to do the deal with me on but refused to show me the details of the deal at all. When I rejected to put money in escrow on a deal I havent seen he then began attacking my character online and called me out of my name and was extremely disrespectful towards me. I will be suing him for defamation of character, slander and breach of contract. | He also had the nerve to ask for a refund from me before the 45day money back guarantee period after he didnt follow any of my instructions at all! | He also raises money for real estate deals from other investors and takes the money from them and gives falsified documents to investors about the returns the believe they are getting! | I have documentation to prove all of this! | If you see Eddie Colson or his company Colson Enterprises LLC go the other way and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM. He will turn on you the first chance he gets! Beware!

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